[FIX] The Walking Dead PC – Corrupt savegames (Episode 5 patch)

Hi everyone, i think i’m gonna make this blog an English blog (sorry for my mates from France! :S) as this require so much time…

Anyway, today I was going to play this fabulous game from TellTale Game Studios , The Walking Dead.


I was like « Hell Yeah, this last episode will blow my mind again, etc. etc. »…

So… I launch the game and i see that my last save is stopped on the Episode 3, like if i didn’t play the 4th one… Anyway, as I play TWD in the train, i though it was my fault. Then, I click on the Play button of the 5th episode and « generate a story by randomizing decisions » (or something like this).

I play few minutes, then have something to do, so  i gotta leave, I had time for the game to save with checkpoints. When I come again on the  game, there is no more episode 5 installed (written « Coming soon »), and of course, no more save!

Well, i’ll pass you the tests I just did, i’ll explain you the simple solution i found:

1. Go to your documents folder and enter in the « Telltale Games » folder, then « The Walking Dead »


2. Something I encourage you to do without rage-deleting your save directory is to always save your previous savegames first. So, let’s copy the whole TWD’s directory somewhere safe (Desktop?)

3. The only thing that seems to be very important is to have the prefs.prop file from « Documents/Telltale Games/The Walking Dead » and « [SteamDirectoryPath]/SteamApps/common/the walking dead/Pack/default » to be the same.

So, copy the one from your savegame directory.


4. Paste it into the other one.


5. Done 😀



6.  Edit: There still seems to be a « Coming Soon » problem, but a restart of the game fix it 🙂
However, i did a copy/paste of the prefs.prop just in case… so i don’t know if only the restart works!

I encourage you not to allow Steam to synchronize your saves (right-click on TWD in Steam, then click on Properties, click on the tab « Update » and uncheck the « synchronize save » box). This solution works way better!


If you experience any other problem, or the solution i explained doesn’t solve your problem, check the official thread for corrupt savegame glitch:

See you everyone, some good stuff coming, just hadn’t time to release it 😀
There will be open-source release, CryEngine 3 and Unity3D related stuff…